How to become a volunteer?

Volunteer staff is an integral part of any convention. We are a dedicated team making sure everything is running smoothly and the attendees are having a good time. And we are doing all of this absolutely for free. We accept everyone 18 and older to join our ranks and help the convention before, during and after it runs its course.
Want to have a hoof in making RuBronyCon better? Join our awesome team!

How to become a volunteer?

Most communication on volunteer topics is done via Discord. If you already have an account, that’s awesome. If not, then here’s your task 0. Get one! 😉
And read on till the very end.

Who are we looking for?

We need skilled and talented ponies for the next positions:

  • Writer/Editor – a text content creator, in particilar, for the social network group posts. Fluently and clearly expressing his own thoughts on paper, easily adjusting to the local style, with remarkable Russian knowledge.
  • Access control – the guardians of the convention gates. Tickets and passage list checking.

Application is closed

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