Please note, that Vendor Hall will operate on November 24 only

Vendor booth

A vendor booth is a traditional convention booth for selling merchandize, be it art, custom pony figurines, plushies, t-shirts, etc. Perfect for artists, crafters, gift shops and anyone looking to sell their merchandize at the convention.

Price You get
8000 RUB.
  • Standard booth space (1.8×2.0 m).
  • 2 badges for booth staff
9500 RUB.
  • Corner booth space (2.5 x 3.0 m) near a glass pillar.
  • 2 badges for booth staff
Additional options
+500 RUB. One table (130×50 cm). You can bring your own tables for free, provided they fit in your reserved space.
+1500 RUB. Additional badge for one person. Alternatively, they can buy any convention ticket instead.
+1000 RUB. Conbook advertisement – 9.5 x 5 cm spot
Free Access to power outlets

Note: Tables are not part of the booth space and are paid for separately.

Note: Additional booth space is not sold separately. If you require more space for your booth, you will have to reserve another standard booth for 8000 RUB or corner booth for 9500 RUB

Note: Booth placement does not impact pricing. Spots are reserved by vendors on a first come, first served basis. The sooner you apply, the more likely you can reserve a spot you want. Vendor hall layout scheme will be provided.

Activity zone

An Activity Zone is a booth that deals in entertainment instead of merchandise. All commercial activity is forbidden there unless it is not the major attraction of the booth and you pay a fee of 3000 RUB upfront. This is suited for people that want to showcase their work, host an artist alley, let people play their video game etc.

Price You get
Free Booth space. Size negotiated with Vendor Hall Manager.
Free 2 badges for booth staff
Free Access to power outlets.
Additional options
+1500 RUB. Additional badge for one person. Alternatively, they can buy any convention ticket instead.

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