Who and what are press and media?

Press and media representatives are a special group of convention goers whose task is to report on the convention on their respective media. The Press badge comes with a few rights and responsibilities.

Let’s go over them.


Okay, okay, sheesh… no need to scream.

  • You are granted a free pass for both days of the convention. All you need is to get your Press badge with your name on it at the convention entrance;
  • You are allowed to be close to the stage and do whatever is necessary to get that perfect shot;
  • The organizers will do their best to keep you informed about the latest convention news and developments, often way before the news makes it to the general public.

We would also like to point out that RuBronyCon does not and will not claim rights to the content created by the press. Still, we do reserve the right to publish, distribute, and use your convention content for our promo material, giving credit where credit is due.

Besides that, press members are free to provide us with their convention material at their discretion.

Now to responsibilities…

… or responsibility, to be exact. The only thing we ask of you is to provide RuBronyCon with your ready-to-publish material within a month after the convention. Alternatively, you can publish it yourself and provide us with a link to it along with the aforementioned rights to distribute it and use it in our promo material.

We would also be grateful if you not only report on the convention once it runs its course, but also spread the word about RuBronyCon before it starts. We are ready to provide you with juicy details to spice up your tales. Just contact us and tell us what you require.

How to apply?

All you need is to hit that Apply button, fill in the form and submit it along with your portfolio. Bear in mind that:

  • We will give preference to applicants with relevant portfolios, for example, footage or photos of other pony and non-pony fan conventions. We would like to make sure you are able to work well at such kind of events;
  • Applying for a Press badge does not necessarily land you one. We also reserve the right to revoke Press badges before or during the convention without prior warning or explanation;
  • We will assess each and every applicant’s prior experience. We may reach out to you to ask for additional details on the nature of your work before making a final decision regarding your application.

Ready to apply? All you need is to hit that Apply button


Press badge application closes on October, 15. We will reach out to you with the decision regarding your application within a week after the deadline.

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