Cosplay Application

The Queen is calling for you!..
…and one does not simply refuse the call of Queen Chrysalis. Welcome to the Swarm! You are now part of the elite cosplayer unit ready to infiltrate RuBronyCon.

To apply as a cosplayer, you need to do two things: Read this article and fill out an application. Your application will be processed and, if approved, you will receive special perks at the convention.

You can still cosplay at the convention without submitting an application. You won’t receive any special cosplayer perks though.
Cosplayers must follow the Convention rules, including the 6+ age rating the convention.

The way of the changeling

The cosplayer perks you are getting depend on the way you want to show off your costume at the convention. First off, are you planning to take part in the Cosplay Show? If so, are you going to enter the Cosplay Contest?
The contest participants will go through screening, and only the best of the best will be able to compete for the prizes.

Cosplay Show? Nah, I’m good

If you would like to dazzle everyone with your costume and acting skills, but are not feeling like entering the Cosplay Show, then we only ask one thing of you: Your costume must keep to the My Little Pony theme. As much as we enjoy all other fandoms, we still gather here to celebrate pastel ponies, don’t we? The costume doesn’t have to be “canon”. You are free to cosplay a fanfiction character, an ask-blog pony etc.

All cosplayers who submitted an application are granted free access to the dressing room on Day 1 and Day 2 of the convention. Also, our Cosplay Coordinator and volunteer staff will be happy to provide you with any assistance and answer any questions.

Give me my one minute of fame!

To honor the Queen of the Changelings, RuBronyCon is hosting a Cosplay Show. The event will be divided into two parts: The Cosplay Contest and the Cosplay Runway. The difference is simple: The runway starts later in the day and there are no prizes to compete for.

We would like to make the show as fresh and memorable as possible. Therefore:

  • Cosplayers will be allowed to enter the Cosplay Contest only if their costume has not already been presented at other brony events in Moscow.
  • If the costume has been presented once before at another brony event in Moscow, the cosplayer is eligible to enter only the Cosplay Runway.
  • If the costume has been presented two or more times at brony events in Moscow, the cosplayer will not be allowed to enter the Cosplay Show.

Exceptions may be made if the costume received a major redesign and its presentation is entirely different.

The costume must show a certain degree of TLC put in it. A pair of pony ear, a tail, and a random wig simply won’t cut it! Cosplay is serious business!

We also ask cosplayers to be on time for their performances. If a cosplayer is not ready 10 minutes before their show time, they might not be allowed on stage at all.

Last, but not least, if your costume and show includes the usage of weapon-like props, you should discuss it with our Cosplay Coordinator beforehand.

Cosplay contest perks

Depending on the number of people, the stage time for your cosplay performance may be different:

  • Solo performance – 40 – 60 seconds.
  • Group performance – 1 – 2 minutes.

Besides that, all Cosplay Show participants get free convention entry. The cosplayer (or cosband) are also allowed to bring one assistant with them. The assistant does not get a free ticket, but they do get free access to the dressing room.

And let’s not forget that all contestants are eligible to win the awesome RuBronyCon prizes. What are the prizes, you ask? Well, we can’t show all of our hand in one go, now can we?

How do I apply?

The cosplay application closes on November 15. When filling in the application, please include the following:

  • HQ pictures of all cosplayed characters.
  • HQ costume pictures. The costumes should be at least 70% ready.
  • An MP3 320 kb/s audio file with the music for your show, already cut to fit the duration of the performance.
  • An approximate script of your stage performance.

The deadline will be extended till November 20 for everyone to send the missing files, including a picture of your costume fully ready.

We reserve the right to deny the application to anyone who has not submitted all required materials on time or the materials do not comply with the application form.

If you have read this far and are not discouraged by all the rules imposed by Queen Chrysalis, then we are looking forward to helping you cosplay. Just hit that Apply button.

Still have questions?

Our Cosplay Coordinator is happy to help:


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