RuBronyCon is the largest Russian convention for the fans of the animated series “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” traditionally held in Moscow. Since its inception in Fall 2010, the show has gathered a most unexpected following of fans of all ages that became known as bronies. This became the catalyst for RuBronyCon to emerge. Ever since it started out as a small gathering of fans, it has only grown over the years turning into what it is now: A 2-day festival featuring diverse programming ranging from workshops to panels as well as guests of honor, community guests, vendor halls and a whole day dedicated to celebrating musical and cosplay prowess and creativity.

The goal of RuBronyCon is to provide bronies with unforgettable family friendly pony fun and thus to promote the values of friendship and the show and encourage our attendees to socialize, make new friends and channel their inner creativity.

RuBronyCon is a non-profit convention run entirely by a dedicated team of brony volunteers. All proceeds go to funding the convention and charity.

History of RuBronyCon:


January 8, 2012 became the starting point for the first ever Russian pony convention, RuBronyCon. 80 bronies gathered in Flacon art space to celebrate all things pony and make new friends. The convention featured vendor booths with interactive quests, gaming rooms, and the inaugural musical performance of the band that would later be known throughout Russian and European convetions as Przewalski’s Ponies. This convention lay the foundation for all Russian pony festivals to come.

The 2nd installment of RuBronyCon was held on September 2 in Chocolate Factory art space. 250 attendees strong, we welcomed our first ever Community Guest, Sienduk. We vendored, we crafted ponies of our own, and we danced to the music of Przewalski’s Ponies and HMage while still retaining the friendly meetup feel. Having tripled the number of attendees, we had set out to planning a new con and looking for a bigger venue right after this one concluded.


On the last day of March, 2013 Amber Plaza welcomed 330 bronies for the now annual RuBronyCon. Besides the usual programming such as vendor halls packet with pony items of any kind, gaming rooms and diverse musicians line up, the convention features a con-wide quest. And even though the quest was not a resounding success and not every single person finished it, it still proved to be a great inspiration for other pony cons to come. All in all, it was an amazing day of horse fun fondly remembered by the veterans of the Russian pony community.


March 2-3, almost a year after the last RuBronyCon, the 4th installment of the largest pony convention in Russia opened the doors of ZiL Convention Center to 528 bronies from all over Russia and CIS. We sang, we danced, we played games and we crafted plush ponies and many more. The cherry on top was the cosplayers and the cosplay competition. Dozens of cosplayers, great costume and amazing in-character performances sealed the day.


Considered by many the best pony convention this side of the globe so far, RuBronyCon’15 brought around 1500 attendees from all over the Russian-speaking world under the roof of Electrification Pavillion at VDNH exhibition complex. Along with the usual programming, this was the first time we’ve had Guests of Honor at the convention, with Andrea Libman, Cathy Wesluck, Michelle Creber and BlackGryph0n joining for us for a Skype interview as well as Elena Chebaturkina, the voice talent behind a plethora of characters for the Russian dubbing of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, joining us for a panel in person. The musicians lineup did not dissapoint either, with Przewalski’s Ponies, BroniKoni, Lenich & Kirya and many more rocking the stage, and a vocalist competition bringing new names to the pony stage.. This was also the first time a impromptu LineCon happened near the pavillion, with bronies singing, bronies dancing and bronies catching sidelong stares from passers-by.


Around 1200 attendees strong, RuBronyCon opened its doors to MLP:FiM aficionados of all ages on October 8-9 at two separate venues. Day 1, dubbed Concert Day, was held at Moscow Club in Moscow (don’t ask!), 10 hours of best pony music the Russian pony music scene has to offer, ranging from the already established Bronikoni and Lenich & Kirya to the more recent bands, Gryphon Rush and ILLUMINATION.Day 2, the Convention Day, was held at Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Center. 2 MLP Russian dub voice actors, Nikita Prozorovsky (voice of Discord and most male characters), and Olga Golovanova (voice of Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, and Sweetie Belle) joined for an interview panel, as well as Nicole Oliver who joined us via Skype were the biggest highlights of the convention as far as Guests of Honor go. This RuBronyCon also saw the first ever foreign Community Guest, Pony Berserker, whose panel gathered quite a crowd, not to mention Sweetie Bot Project and their pony robot and Morvaen with his history lectures panel. Overall, RuBronyCon’16 capitalized on the successes of the previous year and brought new attractions while keeping in touch with tradition.


This was a hiatus year for RuBronyCon, a year of reflection and planning, which is going to culminate in RuBronyCon 2018. We also tried some of our ideas of tearing down the iron curtain between the Russian and Western pony community at Derp Fest 2017 which left a lasting impression on both attendees and the convention team alike.


The history of RuBronyCon 2018 is being written right now. And it is up to you to help us pony this convention up. So what are you waiting for? Get your ticket now and be the first to secure two days of unforgettable pony experience. Or if you feel like helping us out, feel free to volunteer or donate.

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